How to fix Twitter error: “Some of your media failed to upload”

Twitter is an online platform that millions of people use to express their ideas or share information in the form of messages, announcements, or video uploads.  Many people use Twitter for both personal and professional reasons.

However, many users are encountering an upload problem when attempting to post a tweet containing media. They are greeted with the error message “some of your media failed to upload.” In this article, we will go over the issue and the various causes of why some of your media failed to upload to Twitter, as well as how to resolve it. Continue reading to find out more and get your Twitter account back up and running.


  • Some users claim that there are no infractions in their tweets or media files premised on the standards. Twitter is still censoring their tweets.
  • This problem affects all image and video file formats, including jpg/jpeg, gif, and png mp4.
  • It primarily affects new accounts on the social media platform with few followers.


  • The following are the most prevalent reasons why you can get this Twitter error:
  • New Twitter Account: It generally happens to Twitter users who have recently registered accounts and do not have many followers.
  • Violation: If you violate the platform’s terms and conditions, you will be penalized.
  • Corrupt System Temp Directories: If the system’s temp directories are corrupt, the Twitter upload may fail.
  • Incompatible Browser Add-ons: A user may experience the media failed upload problem on Twitter if a browser add-on conflicts with the Twitter operational modules and prevents the upload from completing.
  • Faulty Browser Cookies or Cache: If a browser’s cookies or cache are corrupt, this may result in the Twitter issue.
  • ISP Restrictions: If the data packets sent by Twitter are not parse-able on the client or server sides owing to ISP interference, this may be the source of the Twitter problem.


  • If you continue to receive the error notification when attempting to post a tweet, there are numerous solutions available. Follow each option one at a time to see if it can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving the upload issue.

Solution #1: Use reCAPTCHA to pass the Google Security Check.

  • In the majority of situations, users confirmed that a simple security check assisted them in correcting the issue. You’ll need Google to email you proof that you’re not a robot. To do so, fill out the CAPTCHA provided.
  • Post a tweet with no media to activate the Google CAPTCHA check.
  • Google will ask for proof.
  • After passing the security check, you can add media to your tweets.
  • Send a text-only tweet to Twitter.
  • After pressing the Post button, you will be sent to the “Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge” page.
  • Press the Start button.
  • A new page will emerge in which you will be asked, “Are you a robot?”
  • Select the “I’m not a robot.” checkbox.
  • Continue By clicking the Continue button.
  • A Thank You Page will be shown.
  • Continue to the Twitter button.
  • You’ll be sent to your Twitter profile.

Solution#2: Delete Your Search History

  • Each browser has its method for clearing the search history.


  • Select the More option.
  • Go to the History section.
  • Choose History.
  • Select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • To remove all history, select All Time.
  • Select Clear Data.


  • Go to the History section.
  • Choose Clear Recent History.
  • Examine the Browsing and Download History.
  • Examine the Form and Search History.
  • Select the Clear Now option.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Select the Menu option.
  • Choose History.
  • Select the Clear History option.
  • Check the box next to Browsing history.
  • Click the Clear button.

Solution #3: Turn off the VPN server connection.

  • Disabling your VPN server is another option to resolve the Twitter media upload problem.
  • Disconnect the VPN service and attempt again to post the tweet with the media to check if it works.
  • Once finished, you can re-enable the VPN connection.

Conclusion:  Many users will have to struggle with this Twitter media problem multiple times. However, once you have a few followers on your profile and have been tweeting for a bit, the issue simply disappears. The procedures for doing so are outlined and provided in this article.

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