How to fix Spotify Group Session no sound or not working issue

When you want to have a fantastic music session, the first app that comes to mind is Spotify. It provides access to hundreds of songs and performers from many genres. Spotify has a slew of new features that enhance the user experience even better, including group session music, which is one of the most popular.

Despite all of these impressive features, it has some flaws that users are complaining about. Sometimes, Spotify may stop working or respond on your mobile device.  So, today, with the guidance of this article’s tutorial, we’ll go over the Spotify group session not working problem in detail and offer some solutions to get you back to listening to amazing music using the Spotify app.


With its new Group Sessions feature, Spotify hopes to improve the user experience. By simply establishing a session and inviting your friends and family to listen to a single playlist, Spotify Group Session is an amazing way to bring your family and friends closer together through music. Even if you have to do it remotely, you and your friends may now host a music party together.

Many users, however, have claimed that their Spotify Group Session is deafeningly quiet or isn’t working at all. When they’re in a group session, only the host can hear the audio and no one else can listen to the songs since the audio is only heard through one speaker and only the host can hear the songs. The Group Session feature is currently in testing, according to Spotify. This indicates that Spotify has not yet addressed all of the bugs and issues. Here are two more reasons why your Spotify feature is having issues:

  • Problems with the Internet
  • The Spotify App Is Crashed


  • If you’re having trouble with your Spotify Group Session, keep in mind that you’re not alone. And while there are various ways to fix it, you can try the following alternatives to see if they fix the problem and allow you to stream music with the app again.

Solution #1: Adjust the Volume on Your Device

  • You can either adjust the level using the buttons on the side of your phone or modify the noises in the settings.

Solution #2: Restart the Spotify application.

  • Close the application.
  • Allow a few moments to pass.
  • Start a new Group Session after relaunching your Spotify app.

Solution #3: Restart Your Device

  • If restarting the app fails, try rebooting your device and reinstalling the Spotify app.

Solution#4: Delete Spotify’s cache.

  • Launch the Settings interface and go to Apps to delete your cache.
  • After that, select Spotify, then touch Storage and Clear Cache.

Solution#5: Turn off the Content Restrictions

  • Your content restriction may be set on if you can’t play a specific version of a song on Spotify. Here’s how to disable the feature:
  • Open the Spotify app and go to Settings by tapping the gear symbol.
  • Select Explicit Content from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the Allow Explicit Content option is enabled.

Solution#6: Close Other Running Apps

  • Some of the programs that are operating in the background are consuming resources on your device.
  • Quit or close any other apps you’re using and attempt your Spotify Group Session again.

Note: If none of the above options work, you can simply wait. As previously stated, the Spotify Group Session is still in beta. We’ll all have to wait until Spotify fixes the issue.

Conclusion: Spotify’s group session feature is a fantastic way to listen to and exchange music with your friends at the same time. You can easily join or create a group session on Spotify. All you have to remember is that if an error happens, simply refer to the solutions provided in this article.